Items in Condo Randomly Yeet and Disappear

I am 100% positive this has been reported before but I don’t seem to be able to find the right word string to find it.

Does anyone know how to keep condo items–like the raft, the balls, etc.–from randomly getting touched in a way that makes them get thrown OR getting used how they’re supposed to but transcend time and space to end up in a recursive loop somewhere else in the map?

For instance, this raft ends up anywhere except water. I just found it at the edges of the Condo-Condo floating in the sky, now it won’t sit still. I’ve stashed it and replaced it but it’s decided that the sky is where it lives.

I usually restart game when this happens, reason can be that after using the advanced editor much and scaling it maybe saves another position in the condo that you can’t change

What if it isn’t scaled–it’s just dragged and dropped from the inventory? Also, I don’t know how to use the advanced editor so I haven’t been able to. This happens no matter how many times I restart or reload. The raft isn’t the only thing, but it is the thing that is crashing into other things so I’ve had to stop putting it out.

Well if you haven’t changed scaling or anything like that try another condo

I have the problem in all condos. Are you only getting the problem if scaling is an issue?

I only get sometimes pretty uncommon actually, if it does happen it’s after scaling

Huh. I wonder what I’m doing wrong. The scaling issue (arguably) makes sense for the hockey pucks because they are going through a drastically enlarged rink, but the rest of it everything is normal size, drag-and-drop. I’m breaking the game lol Lawd help me

This might not help but verifiy game files or reinstall

I’ve done both of those in the last month, and the verification as recently as three days ago. I’ve also do the chkdsk process, as well, because I was getting fatal errors. I’ve updated so my GPU is always being used, as well.

May I ask what is your full specs?

It is literally more machine than this game should require

It doesn’t say what GPU you have

Huh. It’s an RTX 2060. I thought it was in there when I was throwing specs at Caboose and Mad.

Here it is, from the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility:

It says package temp down in the corner if you are using celsius maybe that is the reason

The package temp for my computer is supposed to be okay at 100 and I have thermal throttling turned off because it reaches 100 within, maybe, three minutes of using the game and regularly during game use. I have every setting imaginable set to performance, not battery. I have my resolution, etc. turned down way low. I genuinely don’t know what to say other than models like these still being used in-game despite not being available in the workshop prove my point about memory leaks stemming from items requiring a re-vamp.

You sure it’s supposed to be 100? is it farenheit or celcius?

Temperatures should not be anywhere above 90c really. That’s not great for any long term use. I’m surprised the thermal protection didn’t just shut it down at 95c.

He said he turned that off or something

Yeah, I have the thermal throttling turned off.