Item Suggestions Megathread

A skeleton prop (probably for halloween) with various death positions.
Maybe the model can be switched to other NPCs or playermodels.


That sounds good. Maybe they could add the different bones as separate items too, such as the rib cage or the arms.


There are several kinds of flowers at the Seasons store that could be implemented as items. Can be useful when making a florist or a biome rich with plant life.

Lily Pads

Water FX from the Plaza Fountain

Vines with Leaves


Servers and rolling staircase thingy and the push cart to the right of the SDNL gameworld port would be cool and also all those sweet sweet funky panels with the lights.



A Connect 4 Game to play in the condo with friends
or A Actual Working chess game
we are bored of just playing billiards and some new games might be fun and interesting to play,we could hold chess tournaments for the community with prizes

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Connect 4 and playable Chess are both planned to be arcade prizes

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Giant floor piano.

“Let the feet do the beat!”


Ceiling mounted jumbotron

(has mediaplayer support and has canvas support for the sides)


The same thing was used for the Montreal Canadiens @ Centre Bell

Fairy Lights

Basically just take the christmas string lights and make them colorable, and make them one color.


arcade prizes but are they playable games?

They will be playable

Wind Chimes

This item would animate and make noise randomly, with settings defining the frequency and intensity of animation, and volume of chime sound.


Laser Tag Toy Pistol and Sensor

This equippable laser toy gun can be purchased in the Arcade shop, people have fond memories playing laser tag with a friend before controversy hits in a dark April evening.


Ghost Busting Pack and Beam

I’ve seen you guys preparing for the Halloween Condo contest 2023. Does the ghost busting pack and beam can be part of the Halloween cosplay?

Ghost Busting Backpack

Ghost Busting Beam


This may sound a bit stupid (and idk if its the place to request such a thing), but I’d really like placeable versions of the portable game devices.


Candle Flame FX

“Try blowing this one out.”



Halloween new item suggestions

For 2023:-

  • Barbed Wire as a string-type item (eg. Chain String, Flag String, Ornament String, etc.)

    Currently used as a topper on Barbed Wire Fence panel sections (500 units each, 800 units for Gate variant)

  • Electric Cattle Prod (“Trick, or ruddy treat!”)
    (UK players will probably understand the reference)

Video may be region locked

Suggested much previously:-

  • Witch-themed jetpack reskins
  • Others

You know the “Moths” FX item?

I would absolutely adore something just like this but for Fireflies, Butterflies and Bats.

Another nice addition would be if we could colour them! I currently scale up the Moths to be really big and use them as Bat Swarms but they’re white by default so that kinda takes away from the whole bat thing but still.

(If anyone else wants Fireflies in the meantime, the best way I’ve managed is to spawn in some Moths and use a Placeable Light (the invisible one) in the middle of them. Colour the light to be a nice Orange / Yellow glow and reduce the radius so it just affects the Moths! Bonus points if you then put a jar over them :grin:


Seconding this- right now the amount of waist items is underwhelming as there is only five in the store and only one tail at the moment

I’d love to see more animal tails to be included; especially to match the existing animal ears like bunny & cat ears!! We should have tails for bunny, cat (white, calico, orange, and black!), dog, wolf, raccoon, horse, duck, etc!!

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