Item Suggestions Megathread

You’ll be able to make items spin around with Condo I/O.


I dont know if this is the right place but I had an idea at like 3am.

What if the tower glove had a gun mode, perhaps exclusive to the Plaza that would ensure everyone has a gun for PVP fresh into the game.

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could be a one shot like the crossbow, stasher tool would be funny and it deletes the other person. They just disappear with that puff of smoke like in condo.


An “Electrical” Ambient Sound Effect collection, that contain stuff like a phone ringing, TV Static, office sounds (distant chatter and printers, phones occasionally going off), an AC Unit blowing cool air, etc.


Canvas Corner
Multiple corner shapes that are currently impossible in Tower Unite, all bundled into one package!

(pardon the MS Paint drawing)


a.k.a “Spring Toy”
Arcade Prize


This is more a suggestion for a variation rather than a new item but an Upper Cabinet variation with handles would be cool.

Visualization made with canvases to show how cool this would be:

On a related note, it’d be cool if Canvas Doors and Hatches could optionally have a handle on both sides. I like to use them as non-hidden doors with the hinges/handle exposed and that’d make them a bit easier to use in that way.

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I’d really like to see more FX-type items for condos:

  • Spotlight light beam (independent of the actual spotlight item):

  • Godrays/sunbeams, round/square variants with adjustable beam angle:

  • Dust motes:



Canvas Chip Bag
With Open and Closed Variants!


Suggested open-variant aside, you might be able to achieve this with the body pillow lmfao

you can do that with cylinder/cone canvas and transparent texture I think?

Not really, I’ve tried and it doesn’t look nearly as good. You can’t recreate the light ‘fading out’ since the bottom of the cone is always textured. The cone on the spotlight item also has unique visual effects if you look at it from certain angles.

Spotlight beam FX item is planned.


Back in source engine mappers can place planes that tell the game not to render objects when looking “through” the plane: area portals.

This was useful for improving performance on large maps full of stuff by de-rendering objects that wouldn’t normally be visible when standing in an area that obscures the view.

I have a room I’m building out of bounds on my condo, which is already pretty packed. You access it via teleporter, but when you look in the direction of the room you notice a framedrop. If I could place a plane between the main room and the new room that tells it not to render until you’re in the spot…

I’m picturing like a wall that I can scale to separate dense areas that can be hidden in walls. It will act like a lens that, anything viewed through the lens is not rendered.

I think it could also be exploited to make things appear, imaging building your own haunted house where you walk down a hallway and things just suddenly start to appear as you walk by.

I don’t know how programming in UE4 works so I don’t know how viable that is, if its even possible to do that dynamically though.

Unreal has something called Level Streaming, but this does not work in real-time creation.

However, we have plans for a Visibility Volume. This would only render items that are within the volume, which will greatly help with managing FPS.


Cow Ears
“Mowing the lawn has never been tastier.”

Elephant Ears
“Note: Do not grant flight.”
Elephant Trunk (Preferably longer than the image and with physics?)
“Perfect for the die-hard peanut enjoyer.”
Floppy Dog Ears
“At least 20% floppier than the standard ears.”


A closable option on the Pizza Box:


I could really use the Box truck from Gasoline.
Rob’s imports has the car but not the truck.

Would it be possible to take the truck from gasoline and give it an option with and without the cargo box as a flatbed? I can think of a lot of fun things and scenes to build with either


A seasonal version of the Splat Soda, Splat Cranberry


How about a 24-hour analogue clock where the hour hand only goes round the dial once a day?

Thought it would be a good idea as I like unusual things like this.