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Customization Computers and ULTRA GAMING CHAIRS
also game consoles that let you play minigames like pac man or something on a media player
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Hello! During a Live stream i asked the Devs a question which was “Are you planning on adding any of the models from gamemodes (Like LC) into purchasable items for our condos”
To there response “Thats a good idea, Sure if people want them!”

So in response i would like to give some ideas and some models which could be used!

LC Knights:
Each knight could be made into a statue or a collectible miniature figurine

Throne Room Royal Chairs:
These chairs located in the throne room map on LC look really fancy and therefore would look great as a chair making us the true kings and queens of our condos!

Round Table Chairs And Table:
For all your subjects of course! Again great could items which could add to RP.

Cart Trailers:
The carts on the market place map would make a great little decoration item which can be used to fill up with our potatoes!

The Stalls:
Who doesn’t love to have a stall in there condo? Well the ones from the market would be perfect for those who want to set up there own RP stall!

From minigolf, Would it be awesome to be a decoration and maybe practical item? Chuck a basket ball or hit it for the sound to be heard!

The drum you bounce off in golf i think would be a great alternative to the a trampoline or to play with a click.

From the candy map, This could easily be made into a edible item!

Again from the candy map, Could be put into a bowl and boom! edible item!

Why not have purchasable ragdolls that can be positioned in your condos to make it look to have more life?
From Dragons to humans!
Clicking Q and editing each part to freeze them (I guess this would be a bit like gmod?)

Well there are a couple ideas, Unable to play the game on this laptop at the moment to get some more ideas but there are some!
Would be nice to see what else people would want! :smiley:


I’d like for the Canvas Cube to have an ON/OFF switch in the settings that would allow an image (like the ones below) to stretch on the 6 sides.

Also, to have canvas compatible with animated gif.

or this one…


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You guys should add:
1.The DJ disks things from GMT
3.1v1 shoter game for money like in GMT
4.Add the special items that you got in GMT for getting Milestones like the Virus adrenaline shot, the Virus green flames, the Ball Race balls, Metal Gear Solid invisability box ect.
5.More chairs and tables, thinner ones and larger ones.

  1. Wut?
  2. Alcohol is already in the game
  3. Dueling is a possibility
  4. Planned
  5. Most likely planned


He means the DJ set you could buy at the electronics store.


Thanks for the clarification!


Alcohol you can drink and get drunk, is there? :confused:


Yup, it’s at the smoothie building on the boardwalk!


Not yet, but it’s a planned feature.


You guys should totaly bring back the Obama cutouts, I managed to make my own Obama cutout with a body pillow, but it just doesnt feel the same :<


You can create your own cutouts by selecting the cutout mode on canvases or by using the canvas statue.


Smokable cigarettes / cigars, and drinkable beer / other alchohol? That would be cool!


I just realised there’s no glass building materials :o


Canvases have a cutout option for this purpose. They can’t use Obama in their game.


Vehicles, please.
Canvas Flag pole, please.
Chimera pet, please.
More female hairs


How about… The ability to flip an item in your Condo vertically and horizontaly


that will probably come with advanced condo tools :wink: