Item Suggestion Megathread Compiled

This is a compilation of everything posted in the Item Suggestion Megathread. I’ll be crediting people who said them. I hope this will make it easier for the developers to see and decide if any of these are fit for the game. EDIT: Just the furniture.


Beanbag (From Arctiq)
Toy Robot (From Arctiq)
Chandeliers (From Arkive86)
Wooden Nutcracker Figurine (From cold_finger)
A little steam engine (From Hoddy)
Ethernet Cables that function using splines (From Caboose700)
A FANCY Computer Tower (that glows!) (From Tanooki_Jon)
Totem Poles (From Suburban)
Slides (From SpongePierre)
A Tourniquet (the spinny dealies) (From SpongePierre)
Chocolate Fountain (From Spongepierre)
Plate Cover (Like in fancy restaurants/cartoons) (From Spongepierre)
Miniature Old Vehicle Replica (From Spongepierre)
Miniature Zen Gardens (I REALLY WANT THESE) (From Spongepierre)
Theatre/Spot Light (From Spongepierre)
A Toy Train (That puffs little steam puffs!) (From Billybobjoey)
A table with a toy town on it (For the train) (From Billybobjoey)
A Gramophone (From antieye555)
Jukebox (music media player) (From PoliteWhale)
Table Tennis (Ping Pong) (Playable) (From PoliteWhale)
Anti-Gravity Fan (Pushes you) (From PoliteWhale)
A Playable Dart Board (From PoliteWhale)
Gun Display Cases (From PoliteWhale)
Bonsai Trees (From PoliteWhale)
Tents (From PoliteWhale)
Cupcake Display Stand (From PoliteWhale)
Non-Analogue Wall Clocks (From PoliteWhale)
Teleporters (Point A to Point B, predeterminately) (From Erickson9610)
Disco Dancefloor Pads (glowing, change colors) (From Erickson9610)
Ice Cream Maker (From Erickson9610)
Placeable, floating bubbles of water you can enter and swim in (From Erickson9610)
Fans (Desk fans, standing fans) (From Erickson9610)
Printers and Copy Machines (Form Erickson9610)
Snow Globe (From Cakemagic)
Figurines of Gameworld Playermodels (Infected, Little Crusaders Knights and Dragon, etc.) (From CakeMagic)
Big Lego-like Bricks, like in the Toy Shop (From Cakemagic)
A Mounted Bicycle (workout equipment) (From Cakemagic)
Soda Machine (From Cakemagic)
Cassette Player (From Cakemagic)
Newton’s Cradle (From Cakemagic)
Party Supplies (Paper plates, napkins, balloons) (From Cakemagic)
Large, stone statues for gardens (From Cakemagic)
A CLOSED Cardboard Box (or let us close it) (From Suburban)
Projector Stand (From Suburban)
Napkin Containers and Condiment Bottles (From Suburban)
Game Console/Controllers (From Suburban)
Working, Placeable Mirrors (From Suburban)
House of Cards (From Suburban)
Cartoon Furniture (From Suburban)
Miniature Buildings (From Radek)
Fancy, Higher-tech Keyboards and Mice (From Radek)
Cat and Dog Plushies (From SpongePierre)
Tiki Torches (From Banshee)
Matt’s Yogurt Cup (From Radek)
Skateboard Deck Wall Art (Canvases?) (From Suburban)
VHS Tapes and Player (From Suburban)
Floppy Disks (From Suburban)
Heart-shaped Bed (From Suburban)
Pizza Box (openable) (From Suburban)
Glass Display Case (like the Arcade one) (From Suburban)
Giant Teddy Bear (From Suburban)
Dollhouse/Furniture fot it (From Suburban)
Tabletop RPG Stuff (Like, DnD) (From Suburban)
Art Supplies! (We have the pencil holder but thats not enough) (From Suburban)
Drafting Table (From Suburban)
Hula Doll (From Da_Maxinat0r)
Curtains (From Shadowfoe)
Light Switches (From Shadowfoe)
Huuuge Trampolines (From hiotewdew)
Notepad with drawings (From Lu_Lingqi)
Chalkboard (drawable?) (From Lu_Lingqi)
Web Browsing Computer (From CpDavid1408)
Bowling Pins and Ball (maybe Bowling milestones) (From anon98083101)
Dirty Laundry Pile (From Arkive86)
Barber Shop Poles (From camobunny101)
Climbable Ladder (From GreenGiant)
Modern Sinks (From Producer-san)
Game boxes (Board Games) (From Radek)
Piggybank (possible way of donating Units) (From Computerman)
Displayable items from gamemodes (Virus weapons, etc) (from Blasphemous)
Purchaseable Mannequins to display clothing/held items (From Blasphemous)
Zabuton (From Blasphemous)
Lawnmower (From Blasphemous)
Golf Course Parts (From Blasphemous)
More Plushies (Raccoon, Panda, etc.) (From Raine)
Playable Flute/Violin (From Raine)
More Bed Styles/Types (From Raine)
Windchimes (From Raine)
Record Player (From Lloyd)
Gun Locker (From Lloyd)
Claw Machine (Maybe instead in arcade as neat way of getting plushies) (From Negi)
Book and small Picture Frame Canvases (From Jordan)
Fruit Bowl/Basket (From camobunny101)
Kegs/Cases of beer (From Mr.Snuggles)
Overhead Projector (From Radek)
Basketball Hoop and Basketball (From PoliteWhale)
Garden Gnome (From PoliteWhale)
Banners (Like the Plaza ones, canvases) (From PoliteWhale)
Bamboo Poles (From PoliteWhale)
Waterwheel (From PoliteWhale)
Umbrella Stand (also Umbrella) (From PoliteWhale)
Victorian Bed (From rrmm)
Bacon (From rrmm)
Cookie Jar (From rrmm)
Square Melons (From Rad)
Japanese Lanterns (From Zapty)
Gong (From Zapty)
Nacho Machine (From Zapty)
Treadmill (From Zapty)
Punching Bag (From Zapty)
Crystal and Plasma Balls (From Zapty)
Crazy 8 Ball (Maybe shows an answer?) (From Zapty)
Telescope (From Zapty)
Origami Crane (From Zapty)
Baby Cradle (From Zapty)
Board Game / Playing Pieces (From Zapty)
Small/Elegant Speakers (From HeXkiLL)
Tea Set (From Guppy)
Bass Guitar (From Guppy)
Urinal (From AshGe)
Door Beads (From SuburbanLoveman)
Slushie machine (From Niftyrobo)
Secret Bookcase Doors (From JWolfes)
‘Reactable’. These are crazy. (From Radek)
Bouncy House/Castle (From Raine)
Music Boxes (From Raine)
Customizeable Welcome Rugs/Mats (From Raine)
Record Stand (From Jebus)
Floppy Disk Holders (From Jebus)
Wind-Up Robot (From niftyrobo)
Czech Hedgehogs (From Radek)
Wifi Router (From niftyrobo)
Toy Truck (Maybe Tower Logo) (From niftyrobo)
Slinky (From niftyrobo)
Scrapbook (Notebook, but with pictures) (From niftyrobo)
Gym Lockers (From Niz)
Sky Dancers (From CarbonCopyCat)
Giant Trampolines (From Omnipotent)

I am super tired and I didn’t know what I was getting into with this post so I am excluding useables and wearables. There were not very many anyway. I am very sorry. Hope this was an interesting and helpful post nonetheless.


I was literally about to read the megathread and then I saw this. Thanks for saving me 2 minutes :new_moon_with_face:


Nice list, thanks EvKem!

PS: You missed my Square Trampoline suggestion.

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Added! I am very sorry I missed your post!

Thanks! No worries, I’m sure it wasn’t intentional. There’s a lot of suggestions in that thread so you’re bound to miss a few.

Hot diggity dang sonny, that’s one big list. :new_moon_with_face:

I’d suggest making it alphabetized, but having a list is seriously nice. That megathread is certainly hard to sift through, and I know I’ve seen repeat suggestions before. Nice job! :+1:

Might actually take back that Skateboard deck suggestion I made honestly, a model would be nice but the cutout support works awfully well :blush: