Item price back timer (selling an item)

I could not make up a good title for this but here is my suggestion

When you buy an item from the store it will instantly start at 100% money back when you sell it, but as time goes on, lets say 1 hour, it will go back to the regular sell percentage 50%. During that hour every minute or so the price will drop down, I think this will help with people who bought something that did not work our the way they wanted to, like a building block or something. If the item gets traded to someone else the price automatically goes to 50% money back of the original price.

I will reply back if people think this sounds complicated, it’s just a timer on the sell price.


Great suggestion!!!

I really like this idea, It’d certainly be useful to see if something works well or not!

Good contribution…

I like the idea. Not sure how many times I’ve bought something that I immediately placed and it didn’t work out for what I was going for.

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I think some kind of preview mode would be the better solution for the “Check if it works out” problem…

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you cant preview something you don’t own

and you can’t preview something in your condo, back in gmod tower, this was an issue for me and many other people who used a ton of building blocks like walls or doorways

Imagine this quote was a bug report. It doesn’t make sense because it’s expected behaviour. So the suggestion would be to make the opposite expected behaviour: A new feature. One possible way:

I’m not sure how important it is to buy everything in dedicated shops, we could have a Preview Building you can enter like your condo but the interactions and guest possibilities are limited because it’s just to temporarily place everything available. You could make it a door in the shops.

I remember suggesting a similar feature in an older thread, especially for more expensive items, so you have my support.