Item Finder Mass Lock Tool and more improvements


We all know how important locking items in your build is. However, when you have a build that consists of a lot of items, what can you do? Well you can either spam your lock tool a ton, spam click down the item list to lock all of a single item, or right click on items individually.

But the inherent problem of that is that all of those can take time, and sometimes you can’t get to certain items because of their positioning or size, in which case the item finder is your only option.

Which is why I propose the following:

1.) Make it to where we can lock all copies of an item, and all items, all at once in the item finder.

This will save us time and trouble with large builds to lock areas or whole structures down without much problem. Currently you’d have to lock everything individually, but if you could do it all at once, it would reduce the stress over having to monotonously click the button on each one.

2.) Make the Item find indicators appear when clicking on an item or type of item, and allow a player to click on item indicators to edit those items.

Currently the indicator is a star of sorts that’s somewhat hard to see and can be difficult to close in on. Rather than have that, perhaps we could have a ring with a fixed radius on the screen, and clicking that ring opens the item edit menu and Gizmo, for repositions and recolors. This ring will appear when an item or group of items are selected, and bear distance coordinates to show how far off it is.

3.) Give us the ability to Mirror Flip items.

It used to be before the gizmo fix that you could “Flip” an item by giving it a -1 in scale in 1 value. Now that is no longer a possibility, and the way some items are built makes them difficult to use in a symmetrical manner. If we could have reversed versions of these items or the ability to negatively scale items again, that would be extremely helpful.

4.) Add the ability to disable collision on Condo walls.

Some condos have excess space beneath the map or within their extraneous areas that can be used for builds, but the only way to enter them is using teleporters, which can be janky and sometimes glitchy. If we could, much like how toggling map items works, turn off wall collisions, or have a material that can turn off collisions, this would help immensely.

5.) Add physics properties to other materials for players and Items

Currently the only material that has any type of physics property is Ice, and that only works with players. Physics items do not slide on ice, and that makes certain endeavors more difficult. Currently we have several forms of water, ice, Lava, and Conveyor belts, but none of them (again save for ice) have any added properties, which is why I wanted to throw this idea out here.

Conveyor Belts should push things along towards a canvas Item’s Z direction (usually Up) and can push things along like Ceiling fans to to players.

Water should be Bouyant for players and physics items.

Lava should be less Bouyant and also deal damage over time to players in PVP mode.

Other materials with possible physics properties can include slime, chocolate, Mud, and maybe glass (shooting or hitting glass makes it crack temporarily.)

Adding these will allow players to make more creative builds to utilize these physics properties in unique ways.

That’s all for now.

-Alex Out