Item Catalog - An easier way to find the information you need

In the main menu/pause menu next to the collect book, and an item catalog that helps list every possible item in the game. (With maybe the exception of removed items and dev items.) Clicking on individual items reveals information about that item, such as what items they are, (placeable, equipable, etc.) how they’re obtained, (part of what event, purchased in what store, exclusive to gmt/indiegogo, etc.) as well as how many you currently own.

Think of this as an all in one, organized checklist for completionists that wanna collect everything. Because currently there’s little to no information on what items come for where besides hearsay, aswell as it’s difficult to see what items you do own when shopping that you’ll either need to buy everything from memory or make external lists to keep track of everything. This suggestion aims to eliminate that and keep everything organized, simple and to the point.

Off-topic but sorta related:
The main reason I’ve posted the suggestion was because I was in the middle of reformatting my Item Guide again in hopes to make everything simple and “Future Proof”. And while in the middle of doing so, I realized there has to be a better way to provide this information than from this limiting guide. And that’s just what I hoping the item catalog does. Also yes I’m aware if this does become a feature this’ll make my guide obsolete, but honestly that’s a better scenario for everybody.

Most of this information is available in the inventory tab and most of the rest can be viewed in Tower Express.

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The inventory tab only displays items you currently own, while my suggestion would display all items, owned or not. Helping you track down what you’re missing. While on the other end Tower Express doesn’t inform you about items you do currently own.

Sidenote I feel the inventory tab is in need of a redesign anyway.

Ok, but all the features you’re asking for are there, though. They’re just in two different places. I really don’t think it’s worth spending development time on this, when everything you’re asking for already exists. Tower Express displays all items. The inventory shows you what you have. You just have to go to two different places for it.

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Don’t wanna keep repeating myself when I’ve addressed everything in the original post, but like I said.

  • Tower Express only displays items in stores.
  • Inventory only displays items in your inventory.

If you want to find out what you’re missing you’ll have to cross check between the two which can take forever if you’re collecting alot of items.

With my suggestion all of the info you’ll need is automatically displayed for you. Not to mention explain how to get most items instead of you having to rely on hearsay or external guides.

Tower is a game with a massive item pool that continues to grow every update. Even if you think this might not be important now, it’ll have to happen eventually down the line.

We’ve talked about a Item Catalog for whenever we get around to making the new Tower Unite website, which would sort of be like the old GMT webpage.