Issues with importing playermodel

So everytime i export the model to dae and launch tower unite,it tells me that there’s too many bones,even though im using the provided rig,and instead loads the playermodel i was using before importing

So i removed the necessary amount of bones and…the model apparently succesfully imports,but nothing shows up,what am i supposed to do now??give up?

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It seems like your mesh is separated into multiple objects, which isn’t supported with workshop playermodels. If you join all the meshes together into one object (Ctrl+J), that should be solved. Just make sure your UV map names on all the components are all the same before joining.


I export player models with multiple mesh objects all the time and have no issues (latest version of Blender.)
I’m curious to see if this method fixed the issue, to figure out if it’s some kinda blender setting or export option I have set, or if it’s just native/default to 2.8+