Issue with my Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Heya, my Razer DeathAdder Chroma gaming keyboard is having a hard time yesterday, so I provided a list of what caused my Razer keyboard is acting:

  • My keyboard keys has a severe lag input while using other platforms (e.g. web browsing, YouTube)
  • My RGB lights in my keyboard has suddenly turned off when I unplugged from my PC, and my keys from my keyboard isn’t working anymore meaning that my Razer keyboard has kick the bucket since yesterday, but still functional in the next day.
  • My RGB light from the Macro 3 key shows only the red light, but the blue and green lights are kaput.

That sounds frustrating- since you’re using Razer product- go here to download the software (free)- if your product is older and you downloaded a newer software; it may ask you to download a older software or other way around. just a head up. haha

Couldn’t hurt to re-install the software though; hopefully this helps!!

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