Issue Importing Model

Now I understand all this stuff is probably asked a bunch, but my model isn’t coming out right at all

Now i have already done all the things people say to do:

CTRL + A and match rotation, location, and scale

The scale of the rig is set to 1

The scale of the mesh is set to 1

yada yada,

Now, I will admit that I am very blender illiterate, so the scale might still be the issue, because on closer inspection of the model, the limbs are in the right spot, they are just very small. If any of you could help out that would be amazing! :slight_smile:

i haven’t personally done it myself, but something that’s often reccomended i think is to remove twist bones and make sure your model is properly weighted, as that spike coming out of it shows that it isnt

Quick question, when you did it, did you copy the TU rig from the TU Rig window/blender file into the blender file/ blender window with your model in it.
or did you put the model into the rigs blender windows / file.
When i got this problem i re opened the TU Rig blender file and deleted the actual rig in there and copied and pasted the finished rigged model into the file / window ad then CTRL + A and such and exported it

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