Is 'Vox' of the Arcade Non-Binary?

I was observing the sprites for ‘Vox’ the Arcade shopkeeper and I got something of a comfy vibe from them. I think the developers knew what they were doing when they designed them and to me they are obviously non-binary. Has anyone else noticed this or similar things about any other NPC’s? As a non-binary myself I find it extremely validating to have this kind of representation in a video-game (even if it is kind of a niche character) and I’d like to thank PixelTail for adding them. I’d also love to here from the developers to see if this is canon/inentional. Thanks n.n <3

Muwch Wuv


nonbinary gang <3

vox will forever be nb headcanon

Yes, Vox is non-binary. It was/is going to be implied by the other store NPCs using they/them pronouns for them, but the dialogue isn’t in the game yet.


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Wowa, that’s awesome to hear! I knew I had a hunch, best devs evarr!!