Is This TU Virus Weapon GMod Addon Okay?

You can see it here:

They’re not SWEPs, they’re just the world models that came with GMT. I’d assume it’s fine.

EDIT: Oops, those are the TU models. Doesn;t seem to be a problem if they’re just models, there is a milk carton mod already, right?

If uploading the models is fine I don’t see what the problem with using your own code to create sweps is

It’s not okay.

I really fail to see the problem with uploading content that’s just going to gather dust on someone’s PC.

Edit: There’s also the milk carton mod that got the ok from mac, which is a model from a game that is being sold for real money and not a free mod

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Got a link to that mod?

Those are the TU models, not the GMT models.