Is this normal?

For the past years or so, I’ve been seeing strange balls of light. They appear from nowhere and disappear in seconds. My brain doesn’t even have enough time to register what it is when I look at it. They are usually white in color and are about the size of airsoft pellets. Their appearances are random. When I am with others, they don’t even notice them. Am I going crazy?

Uuh, when you see them are you usually light headed or out of breath?


Most people I know that experienced this (and me) have said that this usually only happens when they experience a migraine.

If you’re seriously concerned go to a professional-- because I’m definately not a doctor :stuck_out_tongue:

I honestly have never experienced a migraine.

I have seen a Vsauce video about this lately, and I don’t remember everything, but it’s microscopic blood cells inside your eye, which you see. You can’t directly look at them, as they not only move around in your eye (I think they do?), but also move with your eye. So in short, no, you’re not going crazy.

I personally never notice these white cell thingies, but I notice something else: Eye floaties. Eye floaties are the shadows of the light sensitive cells at the back of your eyeball. These cells form a layer at the back. They make up the retina. The shadows are so close to the light-perceiving cells, that these eye floaties appear giant in your view.
I can’t guarantee that this answer is correct. I suck at biology anyway :V.

You have something called the Blue field entoptic phenomenon, or scheerer’s phenomenon. White blood cells travel curvy, squiggly paths along your eye, usually short distances, and are only seen about 1 second. You can see these especially when looking up the sky. But otherwise, they work pretty much the same as eye floaters. Here’s what you mean I guess:


Hmm. I’m not really sure about this. If you say they move with my eye, then why do they sometimes appear within my peripheral vision and float away without me actually looking directly at them?

Because, as I said, they also move around by themselves. I am pretty sure I am explaining this quite horribly, as I said, I myself do not remember everything, so I just told you what I still knew.
I updated my previous post to go into more detail, so read that one.

I can without a doubt say that no, you are not going crazy. The point of going crazy would be hallucinating other people, having conversation with said people, getting mad at the people, and telling your friends how you want to kill those people. I don’t think what you’re describing is ‘going crazy’ necessarily, but I’d recommend seeing an eye doctor; they’re trained for that sort of thing and honestly, you could get it figured out pretty quickly and get a medication if needed easily.

Hope the symptoms do get better,

I going to be a asshole here and just say “SEE A EYE DOCTOR AND DON’T ASK PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET!” That said I am very sorry but thing like this should be see by a professional, if it normal or not the research can be use full.

I remember being paranoid about seeing flashing lights that would block my vision, rendering me unable to read text.
I was super scared of retinal detachment, since I remembered that being mentioned in one of the SciShow videos or whatever.

Went to the hospital, waited for 2 hours before I said, “Fuck this,” and left.
Turns out I was just having a migraine with auras. It came from eating some Pepperoni Hot Pockets.
Haven’t had one since.