Is this how you blackjack?

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You know oddly enough that sounds either like they are the world champions in spamming keys, or they are using macros.
Also yes that is essentially how video blackjack is played.
Either increase youjr amount of points or stand and hope the dealer goes above 21 or cant get as many points as required to have more than you.

I know how to play blackjack. The title was a joke.

I know, but still this does seem like they are using macros, like, alot.

That’s the joke.

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They are training to become professional blackjack players in tower unite. You know, for the eSports scene and stuff. You’ll have to play like that there.

Hey, they have stolen my technique


edit: for the record I do this technique manually, I have no clue about how to make a macro because I’m that bad at understanding basic things uwu

I guess most macro-ers have gaming keyboards with their own software, and that’s where they can make macros. Finding an actually working macro without any limitations online is not very easy.

Can confirm that this technique works well, you don’t even need to use macros. Just spam spacebar + left click on the Stand button repeatedly.

Should I be ashamed that I don’t know how blackjack.

ill tell you how.
First you get some booze, then some hookers.
Just kidding we dont have hookers, for now.