Is this game dead?

Looks like something I could put hundreds of hours in, but are there enough players to successfully find a mini game lobby or other things.

It’s not dead. There’s things going on everyday, but you’ll have to actively be looking for it. People play a lot of Minigolf. There’s a lot of people hanging around in their Condos which are really cool. You can see what people make with the Condos here:

We’re working on a huge update that will bring more players back and hopefully keep them around longer. A lot of the early players stopped playing because there hasn’t been new content for awhile (because we’re working on it).


There’s about 100+ people on at any point in time as of now. This is plenty for chilling in your condo or starting up games. Right now there’s only about 10- or so people in the plaza at any point in time, which can make it difficult to start games sometimes, but most the time you can simply ask in chat, and you should have a game ready in no time. You can also skip this step, and join directly through the menu, placing you directly into a game. The biggest issue the game has right now, is the lack of things to do in the plaza, but this should be solved soon, as the devs have a lot of things lined up, ready to release in the following couple of updates. I hope this answered your question, if you have any further questions, feel free to ask.


As @Nate214 points out, the plaza is basically not ready. In its current form, it only serves as a very pretty 3D store front with a YouTube theater.

However, that will change drastically when we do the Casino update which gives the Plaza actual purpose and keeps people hanging around it.

We’re also working hard on connecting the Plaza more with Condos and tuning the entire experience of the Plaza.

The Plaza is poised to have tons of gameplay. We’re at the stage where everything can be decided by the community before it makes its release. So if you wanna make a difference in a game, this one is for you.


There are a LOT less people played then there used to be. But the devs are working hard to add new content and I think when the Casino comes back so will a lot of players (seeming as it was a huge part of GMT)

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The most simple reason for an apparent lack of active players is this: many are waiting for enough new content to play the game freshly, and/or do not want to burn the enjoyment of the game for them by playing the existing content too much.

You can definitely expect an increase in active players when the game has more new content, especially plaza or ocean content. These updates may take some time though, so be patient.


This is the exact only reason I don’t already have hundreds of hours in it. I’d rather wait for the game to beef up more before I sink a bunch of time into it so I won’t burn out on it that badly. In the meantime I get to be active on the forums. c:


Meanwhile I got over 300 hours on the game,and I bet I will put down even more once more stuff is added.

there is also another fact that the summer sale on steam is going on right now so alot of people are buying games and not playing tower unite as much (but when the next update comes we will have alot more people coming back to play tower unite)

ok thanks i will pick it up, it seems to have a good future

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