Is there still a way to donate/back this game?


I highly doubt that there is some way to do this but I’m still gonna ask.

I really wanted to back this game back when it had the crowdfunding campaign going for it but I was unable to.

Now that I am actually able to support the game, I’d love to have some way of backing the game before its actual release.


You cannot back the game anymore.

The best way to support the devs is to buy more copies of the game for your friends.


I might do that once the game releases and new people come to play this game.

I’m really excited for the release. :blush:


yeah just donate to my pateron


Tbh i want ptg to add a Microtransaction to the game that does fucking nothing and just allows you to give the devs their well deserved dosh


mac already hates microtransactions, if they served literally no purpose other than paying just to pay, he would be infuriated.


You can see where Pixeltail HQ is and leave a package with 2000 dollars waiting for them.