Is there something close to a bar table in the game?

im trying to create a bar in the basement but as far as i can tell there is no bar table in the game right now and i cant think of a way to get close to that kind of table

There are bar tables and stools at the furniture store.

There is a bar, and several stools and chairs that can fit that theme.

I can confirm that there is a bar in the game :sunglasses:


DUDE. Put a chalkboard canvas up behind them and have randimg put a random pun on it.

We need a rabbit ear hat.


Making a bar is quite easy thanks to the bar table that got added recently. All we need now is beer taps and such, looks weird having to use a soda machine at the bar…

Sideways barrel with shower head tap

I guess that works, still hoping we get the real deal at some point though.


Ay it worked, not bad

that is a really good idea actully

im trying to get a tv behind the bar as well but im not sure if it will work still working on that

For a TV behind the bar, I suggest a Wall Mounted TV. They’re pricey, but definitely match the theme.

i tried that with a big screen tv and it goes thrugh the wall and i can see it upstairs so not sure if i have to rearrange things or get the smaller tv

get the wall mounted one.

But it’s so small :frowning:

Are we seriously not doing phrasing anymore?