Is there any way to hide the entire HUD in game?

I’d say this picture would look a lot better without my unit count and location being stuck in the bottom left. Is there a way to hide the HUD? If not, a lot of people would probably appreciate the ability to hide it for the sake of cleaner screenshots.


Go into Parental controls, turn off the chat.

Look in the Gameplay category, turn off “Lobby HUD”

That’s as much as you can take off, I’m afraid. The build number has to stay.


Thanks, this’ll do just fine, I just wish I could push a button to hide it all without having to go into the menu.

Yes, I know i’m lazy, no need to remind me.

A hide HUD hotkey would be pretty useful, maybe something like Alt or one of the F keys.

Which is awful, I wish they’d shove that number somewhere else.


Any suggestions? Keep in mind it should be visible in every bug report screenshot IIRC.