Is there any way to extract a model from cache?

A few months back a model that I used to use 100% of the time got deleted from the Steam Workshop. The model still resides in my cache, and I can still observe the model via one of my condos having said model as an NPC from all those months ago. However I’m incapable of actually using the model myself, and I’m sure the model will be unable to load for others as an NPC, seeing as they have nowhere to download the model from, since it’s been removed from the workshop.

I’d like to recover this model and upload it myself, if possible. That way I know the model will always be up and available for me to use. I’ve attempted importing the cache files into blender, but plymodel and model files aren’t supported by it, nor anything else I can find.

Thank you for any support you may be able to provide. This is the model in question. It was called “Pink Ghost Dude”

EDIT: I’ve managed to get the uploader to reupload the model, but any information on model recovery would still seem useful to me.

You are capable of taking .plymodels from the cache and dumping them into your “local imports” folder, though I’m gonna warn you to be careful when doing so since reuploading other people’s addons is as far as I’m aware against the rules. If the model has suddenly vanished & it isn’t someone’s personal model (aka its a model from a game or some other place) then it’s probably okay? Don’t quote me on that, however.

As an aside, plymodels are a proprietary format and cannot be converted back to .dae or imported into blender.

Thank you, I’ve attempted to put the .plymoodel files into the import folder to no avail, but perhaps I did something wrong. I managed to get the original uploader to reupload this model, but it would be nice to secure it in the event it vanishes again. I’ll look more into what you have said.

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