Is it possible to make yourself a player model that isn't on the workshop for others to publicly download?

I realize that models have to be downloaded by others in order for them to be seen, but I am wondering if every player model uploaded has to come with the caveat that anyone can just browse and subscribe to it for personal use at any given moment without the uploader having a say in it.

From my experience using Workshop for other games (and other Steam features), you should be able to set permissions between Public, Friends Only, and Private. It’s safe to assume that these permissions would appear for TU’s items as well, though you’ll probably need to visit your item’s page to change it. Even if this isn’t true for some reason, there will always be the option to delete your item.

As for if these permissions change others being able to see your item in-game, that I don’t know.

I’m pretty sure it was stated that if the item is private it won’t show up to others.

If a workshop model is set to private, only the uploader will be able to download, thus no one else will be able to see the model. The model needs to be set to Public to be viewable by everyone.


So to be clear; the only way to show your model to others is to also allow anyone to download it off of the workshop page?


Awesome, thanks for letting me know. Please check your pm’s as I have another submission question.