Is it possible to make a profit in the casino?

Title says it all. Also, if it is possible, how should I go about doing it? NOTE: This DOES NOT include poker, since I really hate card games.

You can make a profit in the casino. Just do anything but Spin to Win.


Yeah the game is designed so that you will typically make all your money back unless you are really unlucky. That said, you won’t get any big payouts unless you win a jackpot and that may take a while. If you’re looking to just earn units quick, your best best would be bowling or gameworlds (Minigolf: Kingdom and Zombie Massacre are good choices)

Depending on factors such as which type of casino game you play and how lucky you are, profits may take longer to pop up and can come in a range of sizes. Here’s my notes based on experience and anecdotal evidence.

Slots are the biggest way to earn money, but take the longest time investment to do so. You’ll probably want some cash going in just in case you have a bad streak before making money back. Each of the machines is a bit different. As a recommendation, have something else going on while you spin! Global Chat is fine if you want to talk with the rest of the in-game TU community, but putting a video on in another window/screen or putting on a podcast are also great ways to keep the spinning from becoming too repetitive!

  • Grand Quest is the most consistent. Given about 30 minutes to an hour, you’ll likely end up with the jackpot. Since this jackpot is quick and easy, it won’t pay out handsomely like the others, but if you’re looking for a safe gamble this is the slot to use.
  • Triple Diamonds is the best jackpot hunter. I’ve never grabbed the jackpot myself, but I’ve heard that it only takes a few hours to do usually. Even if you don’t get the jackpot, it’s not uncommon to make off with a profit from other matches anyways. This has the middle sized jackpot of the three slots, but also doesn’t take literal days of activity to win.
  • Wheel of Money is the ultimate jackpot, but you’re not going to get it. Grabbing the jackpot on this machine is so legendary that people have crafted entire threads journaling their adventure in getting it. I think the odds might have been modified since then, but it’s still the hardest to win. However, getting individual Spins will still reward you with more money than Triple Diamond’s individual diamonds will simply because of the spin bonus. As a result, you’ll likely make some form of profit while chasing the mirage of the jackpot.

Of course, there are also other games available. That said, two of the three are card games, but I figured I’d mention them to be complete.

  • Double or Nothing is simple and can lead to great profits. Throw money in and double it as many times as you can before you decide it’s time to cash out (or go one step to far and lose it all). It’s a 50/50 shot each press to make/lose your investment, so the risk never changes; just the stakes involved. I recommend setting a cash-out limit and sticking to it. 5 or 6 is a good number; doubling that many times gives pretty nice profits and usually doesn’t take too long to obtain. Setting bigger goals will take longer to hit, but will also pay out exponentially more.
  • Blackjack is pretty solid. It can be played very quickly, but doesn’t have the possibility for jackpots. So long as you aren’t being an idiot (or get extremely unlucky), you’ll probably make a profit while on this machine.
  • Video Poker takes a bit more thought and luck than Blackjack, but has the same sort of payout going for it. You can quickly make small bits of money through it, provided you make smart choices and are lucky enough. I don’t know about the jackpot frequency on this one, but if you get it it does pay pretty well.

Triple Diamonds is a good gamble tbh, most of the time, even when you are not getting a jackpot, you can still win alot.
it’s how i got alot of units

Thank you so much! I had always wondered why half the players in the plaza are always in the casino. Now I know why!

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cool to see there’s a casino in this game with seemingly tons of things to do. I’m coming from another mini game/social game that was slightly similar to this that also had a casino. It worked a bit different, but I’m excited to get the game downloaded and try everything out.

Point being, it’s cool to see you can make a profit in the casino. Better to gamble in a game with meaningless (in real life) currency, than with my precious dollars that I pay bills with.

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All about risk management for Blackjack and Poker!

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So it’s all a lie, I lost so much money lol

The key word is can. At the end of the day, you will lose some and win some. It just so happens that with enough time, it kinda balances out so that you’re usually making your money back at least. You shouldn’t expect to make big money off the casino unless you spend days on the machines aiming for a jackpot :stuck_out_tongue:


Grand quest is better than triple diamonds. Each machine increases its jackpot by 3 every time you spin (with a 5 credit pull). Assuming you are the only person on the machine, you would make the same amount of money if you kept spinning until you won triple diamonds. If you do not get the jackpot, your time would have been better spent playing grand quest. If you can jump on a triple diamond machine thats already super high, then its worth it.

only losers make money in casino, its all about bowling now days!!!