Is it just me, or are the lights kinda.. weak?

Don’t get me wrong, they can get ridiculously bright at their sources, but over distance the light quickly fades away.
Here’s a screenshot of all the conventional light sources on Smooth dirt.

Tell me what you think.


Are they all at the same glow?

I think so, but I might have forgotten to crank some of them up to their max values. Will check once I get home

yep, they’re all set to their max brightness

I think the lights are definitely too weak.


yeah they are, and the neon bars have a weird glitch when you look directly at them (the light doesn’t appear throughout the bar like it should)

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Neon bars are the weakest ones, which sucks because they’re my favorite.


All lights are weak except for lamps which really annoys me. :confused:


And outdoor lights lose their color if you’re not all up in their bidness.

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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! That cake looks yummy :wink:

I think for these lights their brightness is ‘okay’,
but I do agree we need stronger light options.

I’d like to see the ability just to purely place light ‘orbs’ (without a lightbulb object attached, just purely the light)



Sorry for the necro, but I just noticed the new condo lights share the exact same problem.

They are very weak and seem to spread light only on the nearest textures
As for that one in the front, well… let’s not talk about that one. It just… changed color.

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We need…

The lights are bugged
They’re supposed to be brighter in newer updates