Is gmod tower staying alive even if Tower Unite is out?

I asking this cuase when i donated thay told me its gooing to be deleted in 2016 and now that message is gone :grinning:

Once Tower Unite goes on Early Access, GMT will be shut down. Source Code will NOT be released, but everything currently on the Workshop will stay.

The reason mostly why they aren’t releasing the source code is to actually draw the players to Tower Unite. TU would be ignored if GMTower was somehow continued. It is also not really worth it 'cause hosting GMTower is a pain in the butt. It’s not just one server you can quickly set up with steamcmd, you need multiple servers which require advanced database handling and shit like that, pretty sure a low amount of people would wanna get over this stress.

Also messy code and poor documentation.

Also Geralds mod will be be having a sequel

Also GMT would be a direct competitor to TU, so hosting both would just split the playerbase.

Also this question has been asked plenty of times.

Also hi mom


Also I doubt people want to share their hard work- personally I feel that’s the main reason.
If you make something it’s yours, and when it’s out there, it’s lost forever.

thank you i know this is a late response but i wana say i bought tower unite :slight_smile:

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