Is a restart needed to change certain settings?

I’ve been noticing something odd with the game settings (all images have High Quality Shaders, Ambient Occlusion, Decals, and Gun Flash Effects on)

This is all settings up to ultra

This is all on high (with the exception of ocean and foliage quality, they’re on medium)

This is all on medium

This is all on low

For the top three images (despite all settings being lowered), the only visual change is in the amount/darkness of shadows and the view able distance of objects.
Anti-Aliasing, Texture Quality, Lighting Quality, Foliage Quality, and the quality of the water remain completely the same.
Even on the lowest settings the Texture Quality and Foliage Quality don’t change at all.

I wonder if this is because i didn’t restart my game in between changes of settings (which wouldn’t make sense as it wasn’t an issue in earlier versions of the game) or if it’s a legitimate bug.

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I did notice that my FPS would not change at all or almost when putting everything on low and Ultra. Sounds like a bug