Is a Midori rework planned?

It’s unfairly hard in so many ways, and feels very unfinished compared to other levels, in terms of aesthetic. For money making, too, there’s no reason to play it over Prism. There’s so many Melons that you can’t get without committing suicide for the cause of profit.


At the very least there might be an art pass, since it’s one of the oldest unupdated maps in the game.

I can’t really say anything about the level design because I don’t play midori much but I’d really like an art pass for it. It feels the most outdated out of all the ball race maps to me (i dont think the textures/background/etc have been changed much if at all since the closed alpha builds)


It literally hasn’t been updated at all since the early access launch 5 years ago, minus the addition of achievements and the golden melons


IIRC, Nimbus, Midori, and Memories were all introduced during the alpha and haven’t really been updated since.

I personally think Nimbus is far more due for an art pass (which is under way, it seems), but that one center pillar on the bonus stage in Midori looks extra crunchy.

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Frankly, with the art overhaul of the Plaza that’s in progress, I think most (if not all) of the maps could use an art overhaul eventually. I really like this new cartoony style they’re going with now for the Plaza and would love to see that style replicated everywhere.



it feels more fun and unique when it’s just cartoony

midori is like what old altitude was: bleak and unfinished, so an art pass would be a possiblity so people can play more often (i know i did with the new altitude lol)

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