Iron Chef / Competitive Cooking multiplayer game for Cooking Update

Probably the last game mode suggestion I have.

A competitive cooking game? (Read as “Overcooked”, but with multiplayer)

This could be pretty fun to go along with the planned cooking update. There is a fair demand for such a game out there (indicated by over 1,500 comments), so long as the online multiplayer aspect is true. It could be competitive 1v1v1v1, or 2v2, etc.

Again, given the mini-game, round based nature. This seems like a natural fit for the style of game TU is.

Would gladly pay “DLC” prices for additional games like this to become possible (and my prev mario party idea)

Yes! I love Overcooked and fast-paced games of that nature. Could be really fun, especially as a Plaza event (maybe with like a stage for competitors to cook on? And some stadium seating for spectators?).