Invite/game start announcement for poker

It’s sometimes hard to find poker partners in public plazas, i was thinking there should be an announcement on the board when someone starts a game of poker (similar to how it’s done with trivia) that and be able to invite people for poker games.

I feel with how quick a game of poker can be over and there being five tables, that notification’s going to be going out quite a bit. I think if this ever becomes a thing we’d also need a way to opt-out of alerts for specific games that are starting.


I think the notification system is gonna need some refining as well for poker as people in the slot machine don’t get game invites currently.


Well going back to a pervious suggestion of mine, perhaps make some of the tables into tournament poker (maybe just the high stakes one in the secret lounge) that way players have more of a commitment and it won’t spam announcements.