Invitational Access to Expiremental Builds

Maybe you could email certain people codes that you could put into the Steam Beta Access section of the game’s properties, so that they could test builds of new updates, and maybe test bugs and give community feedback on certain additions to ensure that the rest of the community will enjoy it the best when it comes out officially.

(longest run-on sentence ever ^)

Just a suggestion though :wink:

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You are running the experimental build. This is an early access game, and they are making as many updates as they can to it.

Besides, there’s not much to test right now anyways, and sorting out an experimental build will just waste their time.

You can see the current progress here:


No, I meant like testing WIP maps and game worlds/plaza activities.

true there might not be much now, but maybe this could work out in the future.

Back in the closed Alpha, they released a “Weekly Builds” branch that was even more unstable than the standard builds. In order to prove you understood what you were getting into and what the point of the branch was, you had to read a forum post to find the password to get into the branch. I believe they want to bring that experimental branch back eventually, but I can’t be certain on that.

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We have to figure out a way to avoid ruining Condos or other data before doing experimental builds.


I think I know a way. we could have separate inventories and unit storage so nothing passes over to our regular game when we choose to revert to play with everybody else. I bet you guys could figure out a way to do that.

But we use steam inventory, that would be impossible

I’d bet PixelTail could find a way; like if you get items during those builds, they would have a tag that only allowed them to be use din the experimental builds.

since it’s an experimental build, it could just be like the item playground
Maybe run your condo as a copy of the original one, in case something goes wrong in there