Invisible Notebook (And different book backgrounds.)

A setting for the Notebook that toggles it’s visibility, allowing you to make almost anything “readable”.

Possible uses for this mechanic:
Make your own books and book covers.
Readable notes and the like.
Put secret writing around condo for puzzles.

Also being able to change the background of the text from the boring brown border with off-white pages to anything different would be fun as well.

I plan on eventually adding items that are reskins of the notebook. The main ones I wanna get out are Clean / Tattered Books, Clean / Tattered Pages, and a Necronomicon.
An invisible one sounds like it could be useful, and maybe a Digital Tablet as well?

It’s just a matter of finding the right time to fit them in.


Love this idea, also think they should add this feature for the book model as well, since it’s nice to have some variety!