Inventory shows in paused but not when I use Q inventory

I am new to the game , I bought a few pieces of furniture at the stores in game. When I hit escape and look at inventory they show there. but when in the condo I hit Q to place them and they do not show . I have tried refresh but still nothing

How long has it been since you bought them? Also can you confirm if the units were definitely spent?

Make sure you hold Q, then move your mouse downward and drag the item into your condo.

bought a dresser for 500 and the workshop box for 1200 to try , also have a plushie
not really worried about the units
the pieces show in the paused inventory which I believe is the steam inventory but when Q is pushed it says no items found

I know that but when pressing Q the items do not show up there it says no items found. But the show in the steam inventory

Are you moving your mouse down to the box at the bottom that says “inventory” while holding Q?