Inventory items not appearing

The game is loading my units but for some reason not my inventory items, I was playing perfectly last night but when I loaded today, it says I have 0 items and have no condos besides the default one.

Maybe Steam’s inventory system is down temporarily. That would cause your items to “disappear” for a while. Check back in a few hours and see if they return.

Just checked back after waiting, still appears that the problem persist

Just tried to reinstall steam but the problem is still happening :frowning:

Probably won’t solve the issue, but you can turn off Steam cloud sync, delete the Steam\steamapps\common\Tower Unite\Tower\ClientPlayerData2 folder, and restart TU to see if that works.

Thanks for the help but sadly that didn’t work :frowning: I’ve already tried verifying cache, reinstalling tower and steam. Idk I what else to try

This problem is still going on, and i’ve seen that others are having the same problem

Do you happen to have absurdly high amounts of a certain item in your inventory (like 10,000 soda cans or something)? You should still be able to see your items in your Steam inventory. If you did buy ridiculous amounts of items, the devs are going to have to manually remove said items, as has happened with some people in the past.

I have like 24,000 items, about 13,000 are walls, i built a ton of stuff with it and it was working the night before it happened

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