Inventory improvement idk no what to call this

idk know if someone already post this but there should be a thing to tell you if the item has been place in a condo cause i want to sell some stuff but am afraid it will get rid of something in one of the other condos or when am in the plaza to be able to see if something is in use cause you shows you everything i cant remember but i think gmod tower when something was place it was not in your inventory but that could of been restriction it just a thought cause it hard to sell stuff without risking messing up a condo but its not the biggest deal i can deal without something like that just wanted to share my thought ps am happy how this game is coming i loved gmodtower

Can’t you just go into your condo and sell the items from there? They wouldn’t show up if they’d been placed there.

That doesn’t help if you have multiple builds.

oof you got me there

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let’s say you have bought a single giant curved TV screen and that is currently in your inventory.
This item can now be placed in once in all your condos which means you can have 1 curved tv in underwater and in highrise at the same time.

Then if you sell said item whether it’s in your inventory or already placed in your condo, then all condos with the tv in them will “lose” said tv, that’s because the condos have a little save file that tells the game where it has to put the specific items that you have placed in the condo.

And if your inventory doesn’t have that curved TV then it cant place a curved TV in your condo, although if you have 2 curved tvs and only placed one and then proceed to sell the other one then the game will still be able to place the remaining TV in your condo since you never picked up the tv from your condo.

Although if you have two tvs placed and sell one either from the inventory/ a different condo or even the one you’re in, then the game will only be able to place one of them.

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This will be a feature when I finish the new inventory UI. The main issue is it would take a bit of time to look up as it’ll have to search through all your Condo save files to get where it’s being used.


ok cool and i love how this game is coming keep up the good work

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