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Hello there, I backed Tower Unite and just recently got my Steam keys for the game, one of which goes to my friend, and the other to myself. While I have no idea whether or not the second key works, my key does not work… I have tried copy/pasting, and scribing the entire key, both of which to no avail. If someone could please help me, I would really appreciate it.


It’s not on Steam yet. Greenlit, but not actually released or in early access.

Yes, what Sapphire mentioned is right. The serial key right now is to unlock the access to the alpha you download from the link that is also in the email. Once the game is on Steamworks, they will probably send you a new key to unlock it on Steam.

Oh! Lol, I feel silly now. Thanks guys for the awesome support!

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You can however, for the mean time, download the Alpha here:

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