Introducing: Tower Unite Game Night!

Hey everyone! It’s time for a new event: The Tower Unite Game Night! It’s super simple - every now and then I’ll announce a Game Night right here on the forums, and at the set date/time we can all play some good ol’ Virus, Ball Race, Minigolf, etc. Maybe with some themes sometimes, such as hard maps only.

So, make sure to be there on Friday 18th October at 8PM UK time! I’d imagine it’ll last 2-3 hours, but it depends on how many people join and stuff. If you guys have any ideas or questions let me know!

Here’s a time zone converter if you need it.


Yo sign me up!

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Looking forward to it!

Maybe we can do some man made mutators/rules where we race in Mini-golf or use a single playermodel for virus.

Although it’s not a main minigame, maybe Laser Tag could be included in the playlist also to get some full games.


Awesome ideas, I love all of them!

Count me in!

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Condo Night


Oh wow I’m not the one using the zone converter this time. yeah I’m down, count me in.

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This is a cool idea! Look forward to seeing how this plays out although I can imagine too many players being an issue

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I feel like I’ve been robbed of a concept.

I’d sue but I don’t have lawyers. XD

But still nice! If I have time Friday, I’ll join in!


Not sure if the features are there like in GMT for special things to be turned on and off by you guys at Pixeltail, but if it is, definitely have some wild fun with it!

Virus but only with the adrenaline seems fun.

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I’d be so up for that.

a plaza minigame event marathon would be fun, I know mac has a way to force start them

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Finally something (not counting agents bootleg “not” bone zone”) that I can come too that isn’t too late, yeah I probably can come to this.

Although it may become a problem if there are like 20 players where they can all get in the same game server.


^same as NotGaylien


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I seem to have missed something, what are the what’s whatting about?

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Possibly the thing between me and LittleLuke that many people don’t know about for some reason?


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Maybe i’ll be there.