Introducing Danither's VideoGame Museum

HI Everyone, I’ve finally got to a point where I’m happy and thought I’d share with you my Museum. I hope to one day make it a community condo and collaborate with others to help make a gallery/exhibit for every game out there. So if you’re interested in helping, please let me know.

There’s also a gallery on Imgur

The entrance to the Museum, you’ll find teleporters here that can make it easier to get to the furthest away parts faster.

In the Atrium you’ll find the Nintendo exhibition with plenty of statues to pose next to.

The Skyrim Gallery

The Witcher 3

The Trophy Room

Grand Theft Auto

Team Fortress 2

Left 4 Dead 2

Portal 2

A discotheque to go bobbing at


World of Warcraft

Space Engineers

I’d love for some feedback, I’m going to expanding upon this. But I may have to wait until further condo optimization is made, as this is already starting to degrade texture in order to be able to maintain a decent FPS. Once Object culling is a thing it should be fine to expand. I’d like to meet others that would like to collaborate in the future as well.

There’s also a gallery on Imgur