Instead of having pop-up menus for things like CondOS, have it be physically in the environment such as in GMT

Now, I could be dead-wrong about this since it’s alpha, but in GMT, CondOS is accessed without bringing up a full menu. It’s in the environment and manages to be interactable like a regular menu. The small crosshair at the center of the screen dynamically became a cursor when moused over the CondOS tablet in the wall.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

In the TU alpha, CondOS is a menu that pops out, instead of being integrated into the map. Will se see this in the future, or is the menu some sort of change that has to be made due to UE4?


Well it is in alpha so they perhaps will make the CondOS physically available in a later version.

We didn’t have time to make it 3D like GMTower for the alpha.


That’s what I figured, it was just a limitation of the alpha.


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Does that mean that it will be implemented in the future? Also would the Lobby maps be the same as in GMT? @macdguy