Indiegogo Update 10/25

Hello again, everyone!

We’ve been very busy working on Tower Unite for the past 2 months. We have some important announcements to make today.

Collect Your Backer Rewards!

We’re ready to start accepting your backer reward information!

The backer panel has been updated so you can now customize your digital rewards.

We also need you to link your Steam account with your Tower Unite backer account so we can properly deliver your digital rewards.

All backers who want the receive their rewards need to provide us with their information!

Head over to and login with your backer email and Tower Unite backer key. If you forgot your key, please use the website to request a new one through your backer email.

Developments Update

We’ve been constantly developing the core parts of the game and we’re excited to say that we have a playable alpha of Minigolf which will be available to all alpha access backers in our next alpha release on October 30th.

There’s a lot of development that has been going on, if you’re not up to date you can read our quick overviews to get up to speed.

Keep in Contact, Okay?

We aim to keep everyone up to date with all new Tower Unite developments, both on our forums, and our Discord chat. We invite you to join in our community discussions.

We’re always on Discord, so that’s a great place to chat with us directly.


@macdguy For “Name in Voice” option, should we spell out our username so the voice actor will know how to pronounce it correctly? (For instance: “GEE GEE BITE”)

Also thanks for everything you guys have done over the past few months :slight_smile: Absolutely incredible work from all of the devs.

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My name shall forever be immortalised in the credits. :smile_cat:

I’ll think about that and then update the panel with additional information on voice stuff.


I don’t have alpha but the voice to name thing is for everyone right? Like if I get the game on steam it will say my name too? Or is this alpha exclusive. If so I’m pissed.

It was a specific reward for the IndieGogo. You had to pledge $90.

Before i put my name in the bricks, i have a question. Is putting Tanooki Jon considered copyright infringement? (Tanooki is a mario power up, and Jon is in refrence to JonTron.

I would not consider that infringing on any copyrights.


Tanuki is another name for the Japanese Raccoon Dog

And Jon is just a name. You’re fine.

i have a quick question. when the game releases are we getting 2 more keys or are we not getting anymore?

Gotta say, love the website that we use for our backer stuff.

This all re-ignites the hype for the game :slight_smile:

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Not unless you bought extra copies.

Is it going to show up as Sapphire Eclipse or as your actual name?

If you have the alpha key already, it’ll automatically convert to the early access and final game.

The former. :smiley_cat:

The shopkeepers will say the players’ name by voice, so it’s only a backer reward.
Would be impossible to record voice lines for every single name out there. :scream_cat:


Mum look I got my ename in the credits of a video game!

And it only cost $20!!

And it only costed 500$ to get myself a personal statue so I can be cool in a video game!!!111

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