Indiegogo questions

a) Can you increase your pledge ammount? I’m asking as I have about 15 dollars atm, but I’m trying to get more
b) can we get the promised really hat top hat as a pledge goal? :open_mouth:


In this topic you have the answer to question a)

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Just be warned, if you donate and want to upgrade to a higher perk, it refunds your first donation. For example, if you donate for the $20 perk, and then want to donate for the $60 perk, you need to have $60 to donate, and it refunds you the $20 perk. So the $20 perk you donate for doesn’t addon to the $60 perk you’re upgrading to basically.

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Head on over to

I’ll add this to the FAQs.

Just realized how late I was. Sorry.