IndieGogo Perk Donation Question

I have donated 15$ to tower unite on indiegogo but its been 2 days since and i still have not received and email for alpha key or anything from the devs

The 15 dollar perk does not include an Alpha Key. Only an Early Access Key.

You need to donate at least 20 dollars for an alpha key…but you can also pay 28 dollars for two sets of keys. Better deal, IMO.

yep. i suffered in youtube comments trying to explain to someone that he wouldnt get the key because he only donated $15.

but it says “includes steam early access key and closed alpha access key.” on $10 wouldn’t $15 one contain closed alpha access key?

That was a limited, special deal. If it doesn’t say it in the description, then it doesn’t have it.


That’s why that perk was called Early Bird Gamer. The description of Gamer clearly stated that it contains everything from Supporter plus an Early Access key and the exclusive item.