Indiegogo hype thread

The campaign starts on the 13th of July! Indiegogo has paypal support and it doesn’t return donations should it the campaign fail! Are you ready??

Ze hype train


I’m gonna be backing $50 this round, hoping for the best for this project!

I don’t have much to hype about the indiegogo other than hoping for it to reach atleast 30k, cause I can’t back any project :anguished:

…was this thread really necessary?

I could probably back about um 25 cause im going to buy GMT donor :slight_smile:

It’s honestly a pain for me to back, as money is tight, but i’m doing it any way.

My pain to back is the methods - money isn’t that tight.

Oh well, guess I’m just waiting for STEAM Greenlight.

Yes this thread was really necessary :stuck_out_tongue:
Not like much is happening on deh forums anyway

They`ll reach at least 50k. PayPal support? Finally! Now i can back this game :D!

I’m backing a sexy 90 Hola $ to please the Micro$oft gods.

But I’m gonna view it for a while til it gets high enough to be confident, because that no returns thing makes me cringe.

We need some coal to keep this train running… Let’s have a discussion!
What is your favorite TU feature? That new gamemode? Coloring stuff? Avatar system? Servers? Condos? Old gamemodes remade? Something else?
For me, it’s mostly old gamemodes remade and the trivia game. :slight_smile:

My inner interior decorator is dying to theme a room with the custom colored furniture and custom canvas images.

Same! I’m going to make a gaben shrine :smiley:


Everything, man, everything.

Servers are pretty good option because i hate lags on GMod Tower.

#8 days

I`ve just got my money from G2A.

Now i can easily donate for 15$ (still need 2PLN though, it`s about 50 cents, anyone?)

For anyone interested, the “tower unite” google search statistic

Why have 67 people even searched for “Tower Unite” in 2009…

Maybe then, developers were looking if this name is already taken.

Hmm, good point.

67 developers in only 1 month makes as much sense as this