Indiegogo Donation Questions

So I just contributed to the Indiegogo Campaign, and I used Paypal under a different email. I was wondering how, when the 20th comes by, how I will receive the game. I also was wondering, for when the game is released, how will I be given the game its self? Will there be a download link, or will it be a gift on Steam sent to my account. If it is a gift, how will you know what account to send it to? Thanks in advance for taking the time to read or respond to this :smiley:

I’m not sure either, but…
presumably they will contact you with the email you provided when you signed up for Indiegogo and ask for your steam ID so that they can give you your rewards.
or maybe they will send out a link to all contributors through email where you fill in your information for Steam, and then it automatically sends out the rewards to those backers.

Again, I don’t actually know how this will work, but those are my guesses.

Umm… I didn’t make an account when asked :stuck_out_tongue: .Hope that’s not a problem :sweat:

I’m sure when the time comes they will find a way to contact you. If they don’t, then you could contact them.
I’d imagine they would require proof that you contributed, such as your pledge amount and maybe the last 4 digits of whatever credit card you may have used. Or if you used PayPal, I’m sure it can be tracked back to that PayPal account.

They will (very likely) just contact you through the email you provided to them when donating. So make sure to check that email.

I just read, you will get a key, but the download will be external from Steam. @xXxo3oguyxXx

We will contact you through IndieGogo, which will reach out to your email and give you a key that you enter into the game.

Because we are not greenlit yet, we cannot give out the Steam keys until that happens. We’re number #8 on Greenlight right now so we’re doing really well!

Thanks for solving my problem, and good luck with Indiegogo and Greenlight! :smiley: