Indiegogo Demo Feedback

So a new demo was available with the indiegogo campaign. I decided to give some feedback about this project to help further development and share my opinion as well


Compared to the old demo, I’ve felt some kind of improvements. I’ve played using a Xbox 360 controller to test the controller controls as well and they’re super good and I really enjoyed playing with it. It’s responsive, there’s no big delay when you want to move, it’s quite satisfying.

Midori seems to be quite an interesting level (In fact, quite a challenging one), I haven’t been able to complete it because I just suck at it, but it looks like a good challenge and i’m pretty sure it’ll be great.


In all honesty, I understand the interface is trying to be some kind of sleek style UI, but I’m not a fan of it. I’m not saying it looks bad, it’s quite the opposite, it looks good but I think something is missing, but I can’t point it out unfortunately else I definitely would.
I’d personally go with something that looks like the UI in GMTower, bright colors at the bottom left of your screen, not too big but not too small either. It’s just my opinion!


Both songs from Cloud World and Midori are good, I like both of them. They fit with the ambiance of the level and the general vibe of it, it is a really good addition and the songs are quite catchy I have to say.

A few bugs

  • When you’re using a controller, there is no way to pause the game (I’d assume you would be able to use the start button to pause the game)

  • There is no way to navigate in the menu using a controller

  • Going into Fullscreen makes the screen flickers and you cannot access the game anymore, you have to manually delete the config from the appdata folder to access the demo again.
    I have 2 screens, the main one being 1920 x 1080 and the second one 1600 x 900. My graphic card is an AMD Radeon HD 7870. Borderless might fix it (As implied by Zak)

  • When you complete a level, you can still control the camera until you click one of the two options (Wait for a new game and going back to the menu)

In general…

I really enjoyed this demo, more than the first one. I’ve backed $10 and I’m planning to test the closed alpha as much as I can and provide feedbacks as well to improve Tower Unite.
I really hope the indidegogo works out and Tower Unite become an actual game, I would definitely bring some of my friends!


To clarify, we don’t have a borderless option (I messed up on that ok?), but we’ll probably release an update adding that in the future.

##Hacky Quick Fullscreen Fix

  • Open: C:\Users\your username\AppData\Local\Tower\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini
  • Set FullscreenMode=1 and LastConfirmedFullscreenMode=1

I would also like to contribute my little opinions


This is my first time playing a demo for this (missed out on the kickstarter) and honestly I feel like it’s really polished and feels like it’s from the final game, however, I would say that the spinny tube thing on the second hole of Midori could go a teensy bit slower.




on Cloud World the character looks like she’s from The Simpsons (yellow skin) also in the graphics department I noticed that I was getting some lag from some stuff on Midori, and my GPU should be able to handle the graphics set to High (not TURBO probably) I use a GTX 750 Ti (non-overclocked) and an AMD FX 4300 CPU (also not overclocked) and I can run other games in Unreal 4 that have nice graphics like this without a problem on high settings. Yes I understand this is still in UBER alpha mode but I thought I’d just add that in, just in case. I haven’t encountered any other glitches on the gameplay side though… GG Guys.

We are working on the performance issues. Thanks for the feedback.

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Thanks for being awesome devs! I figured you guys were working on that sort of thing, thanks for the quick reply!

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How do you access the demo?

@loiloiloi First, unzip the folder if you haven’t already. Then, access the unzipped folder (it will be called WindowsNoEditor). In there is Tower.exe. Just launch that to play.

What folder?

All I got out of the demo is “I’m a flying robot in the sky”

Download it here:!2hwXURzS!67THI2SXTskXlGbnyKr2cXG8PMZY2Kgv7or9aSZ7Bew (425 MB)
The demo requires that you have the Visual C++ 2013 runtime installed:

(Literally copy pasted the indiegogo announcement)

@loiloiloi The file you downloaded should be a zipped folder titled “” If you didn’t get this, this post has a link to the download. Unzip/extract this folder to get the other folder I talked about.