Indiegogo Ballrace Demo: Folder Deconstruction

Engine Folder

These are the files of the Indiegogo Ballrace demo. First, we have the ‘WindowsNoEditor’ folder, the folder that is included in the zip. Here is the contents of that folder:
lets explore the engine folder, first.

And into the Binaries

Then third ThirdParty

Ooooohh, what have we found? :3

Looks the the devs have implemented Steamworks (no surprise there lol).


Now, the tower folder only really has a few interesting files. Found by @Quary80, a very spooki file can be found in Tower\Content\Movies. Watch, if you dare.

Also, it was just a test loading screen by @Foohy , left in the files.

Here are the other videos:
UE4 Intro

Startup Screen

Loading Screen


That’s pretty much it.

I will update this thread if anything new happens. Otherwise, thanks for reading :smiley:

It feels like it’s designed for Consoles also… Hmm…

‘Steamworks’ is the only API we added explicitly, the other APIs are automatically added in any UE4 build.

  • PhysX is used to power UE4’s physics, so it’s already implemented.
  • Ogg and Vorbis, are used to decode all audio for playback in UE4.

We haven’t started doing anything with Leap or OpenVR yet, but we’re totally gonna mess with those when we get our hands on some devkits. :open_mouth:


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