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So if I buy the pack will I get closed alpha right away? Will closed alpha be here all the way until beta is open or will it only be open for a week or so.

They are giving out keys to the closed alpha every day so you would get it soon.

I don’t believe there is a duration period on the Alpha, as you download the version and you have it forever. There will be more Alpha’s in the future, starting after the Indiegogo Campaign is over, but those will all be delivered via Steam.

More alpha’s such as that they will close the closed alpha and reopen it later? Thanks for all the super fast responses.

Newer versions. I don’t believe there is a time limit…it will just upgrade incrementally. They way I’m looking at it (and a Pixeltail Dev could correct me if I’m wrong), once its on Steam, you get one version, and then they upgrade and update the alpha over a period of time, then eventually they upgrade it and it’s now called the “beta” release, and then after a couple of beta’s, it will be upgraded to Stable.

Alright thanks this answers everything!

The question I have is if I want the $20 pack, have donated $15, is there a way I can give them the $5 without having to pay again, because I don’t have enough money to pay for the $20 pack before getting the $15 pack refunded.

Yes you an add $5 with this method:

Yes, you can upgrade your perk.

See, when I click that, it tells me I have to pay the full $20, not just add the $5 I want so I can get the right perk pack.

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Log in, click your user name and then my contributions. Then under your tower unite perk it should say upgrade to a higher priced perk.

I think upgrading your perk works first by paying the $20 BEFORE refunding the $15 (correct me if I’m wrong), so you will need to pay the full amount before the refund is issued.

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Yes, @Arkive86 is right.

I can understand that, but I don’t have the money to just do that. I have a total of 25, 15 of which the indiegogo already has, so I can’t just donate 20 again. Is there another way I can give them the extra $5?

No, sorry :frowning:

I had an idea…I could temporarily make my donation $1, wait for the refund to go through, and then push the $15 back with the added $5, making it $20 . But do you think that would be alright?

You can’t downgrade donations. If you do that, you will just be donating another dollar.

Alright, thanks for the warning. I guess I will just wait until it is in early access to enjoy the game. Thanks for all the help everyone.

Once you pay the 20$ the 15$ gets instantly refunded. IF you use paypal you can check

Thats if you use the upgrade method instead of just making another contribution

Actually, the refunds last 3-5 days to be effective