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So aperintle im not ritch no mor cuz i hav ta pae taxis an i got hit in da hed wit a basbal bat wich cosit me OVER 9000 dalrz in srgry fez an das wai iam wors at elgish neow den ie wuz brefoe. adlis i stil git tu dunat 25 bux wile iam stil recuvering frum engery. hopfile i recuvr soiun cuz i pay dem los of mone ;-;

0m9 br0 4R3 U 4lR19h7? 1 h0P3 u 4R3. Ku2 Ur H34D m19h7 3XpL0D3 r4ND0MlY, 1’M 50Rry

Translated: IndieGoGo

@theGoldenmotion “So apparently I’m not rich no more because I have to pay taxes and I got hit in the head with a baseball bat which cost me over 9,000 dollars in surgery fees and that’s why I am worse at English now than I was before. At least I still get to donate 25 bucks while I am still recovering from surgery. Hopefully I recover soon because I payed them lots of money”

@MxMCube “Oh my god brother are you alright? I hope you are. Because your head might explode randomly, I’m sorry”

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Gg @Zak.

#zakforpresident #putzakonthebill


Y iz 3very 1 sP32kin in sucH a c00l waY y0?

oh god… A month or two since the forum was launched and already the intelligence level is dropping… I’m scared as to what will happen next