Incremental Steering Option

Something I would love to see experimented with is an incremental steering option where when you hold down a directional key, (A, D), it starts off as a (relatively) slow steer but incrementally speeds up the longer the button is held.

The position on the “steer speed” range (a line from left to no steer to right) gradually returns to the middle when no buttons are held, but holding the opposite directional key at the same time accelerates this return process.

(If the position on the range is, say, on the left, and you hold D, the position on the range would swiftly speed up to the middle before resuming the regular gradual increment from 0 to 1)

If this needs more concise and verbal explanation, I’m happy to explain what I mean in Discord VC.

Moved this to Suggestions. I’ve never heard of anything like this before; it certainly sounds interesting. The only other PC racers I’ve played are Trackmania and Midtown Madness, both with keyboards; neither of them have this kind of mechanic.

My idea behind it is that it gives keyboard users what they lack without controllers