Increase the material limit

I seriously cant import anything remotely cool with a limit of 10 materials, atleast increase it to 20 or something.

The material limit will not be raised, as any further would cause performance issues. Typically, two or three materials is all that is necessary.


10 is beyond too much, as well. Like Caboose said, you should be doing two or even just one material. You should be combing textures into one material. Every material created is another draw call to render.


Well, I hate to be crude, but who ever made those “remotely cool” things, did a poor job if they needed more than 10 materials for a single character model.
I’m guessing it’s probably a MMD model, in which case, it’s probably just a bunch of different solid colored textures, and should be easy to fuse all together into a single UV/texture with a lil work.