Increase Scale of Gizmo Arrows at Distance

Currently, when you move away from an object you’re editing the size of the gizmo arrows stay the same. For example:

This makes it incredibly difficult to edit large objects or from a distance and is a huge limiting factor in my experience when trying to use it. Having the arrows scale with the distance from the object (the arrows get larger as you move further to take up the same amount of screen space/appear the same size) would alleviate this issue and, at least in my case, make it drastically more useful.

It’s also really annoying when making slight tweaks up to stuff up close and its impossible to see anything because it’s so big :frowning:


Gizmos are definitely something I want to revisit and fix up, there’s still some issues and some usability things like what you mentioned that I’m not happy with yet. Right now my priority is on bugs/performance on both clients and our dedicated servers but I’m intending to come back to it after that.


Sweet! Good to hear that they’ll be getting some attention.

sketchman = epic!!!