Increase max players to 12

Little Crusaders launched with a 12 player limit, which was then reduced to 8 in the following hotfix. I feel like this was probably because people were not well adjusted to playing as dragon seeing as the mode had just come out. It’s been over three years since this change, and I feel like it’d be a good time to test the waters with increasing the max players again. Currently I feel that the dragon is significantly stronger than a team of seven knights. So what if we just gave the dragon a few more knights to worry about?

Having the ability to have an extra four knights would mean there’s more players around the map (assuming they’re not all clumped together, which I understand does happen quite a bit with newer players), which means large maps like Knightsend or Market will have more people to spread out and locate the dragon, making it harder for the dragon to just camp a corner/walkway. With more players, there are more people to flank and come around from behind.

Another thing is to do with the double dragon feature. Currently I’d say most matches are balanced in the dragons favor, even with a full game of seven knights. Two dragons? For seven people? Seems a bit excessive to me. Now 2v10… that sounds pretty juicy.

The last bit I want to mention is that having the option for more people in one game would make it easier for larger groups of people to play Little Crusaders. Let’s say there’s like 10 people playing Little Crusaders (which is more than are usually playing at one time, let’s be honest), that’s one game of 8 people, and then the other two have to bum out on the waiting for players screen until someone leaves that other game, or until that server closes and people join their server. Similarly- when Nath would host game nights, LC would always get looked over due to the low max player count. If it had equal max players with Virus, it could be a more viable mode for game nights (if another one of those ever happens again).